Adiabatic wall

Used to enhance the cooling performance of liquid coolers and heat exchangers

The use of adiabatic walls placed in front of water-operated condensers brings several advantages to improving the efficiency of cooling systems:

• Energy Savings: During the adiabatic cooling process, water evaporation absorbs heat from the air, resulting in a decrease in air temperature. This allows the air flowing through the dry cooler to be cooled without the need for cooling compressors or other energy-intensive cooling technologies. Thus, energy savings can be achieved.

• Environmentally Friendly Operation: The adiabatic cooling process does not use refrigerants or chemicals that can harm the environment. Evaporation-based cooling provides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cooling methods.

• Efficiency Boost in Warm Climates: Adiabatic cooling can be particularly effective in warm and dry climates where the air temperature is high. During water evaporation, the air temperature decreases, allowing the cooled air to more efficiently cool the warm water.

• Flexible Application: Adiabatic walls or systems can be easily installed and integrated in places where cooling is needed. They can be used for cooling industrial processes, data centers, or facilities.

• Cost Reduction: Adiabatic cooling requires less energy consumption than traditional air conditioning, reducing cooling costs, especially in the long run.

• Operational Stability: Adiabatic cooling systems are less sensitive to external temperature changes, as they stabilize the air temperature through water evaporation. This can improve the operational stability and reliability of the system.

It is important to note, however, that adiabatic cooling has its limitations. In environments with high humidity or colder climates, the efficiency of the method may decrease. Before application, the system’s capacities must be carefully planned according to the specific conditions and requirements.

Adiabatic Pad Types:

ADIA4545: where both high humidification and low pressure drop are important

ADIA1545: where moderate humidification and low pressure drop are important

ADIA3060: where humidification and pressure drop are balanced

ADIA4545: where humidification and pressure drop are balanced

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