It is crucial that, sometimes despite a low project budget or time constraints, the installation, connection, commissioning, and testing of equipment are carried out by colleagues with the appropriate expertise, qualifications, and relevant work experience to avoid installation errors and subsequent issues after handover for operation.

Once we have the mechanical, electrical, low-voltage, and architectural plans in place, the following aspects should be focused on:

  • Compliance of the implementation plans and their acceptance by the client, ensuring that they indeed contain the final agreement.
  • Whether the selected materials, sizes, equipment, and capacities truly meet the requirements throughout the entire lifecycle. In many cases, data centers start operating at a fraction of their nominal capacity, and reliable cooling solutions must still be provided.
  • The timing and scheduling of material procurement, equipment delivery, installation, commissioning, and handover for operation.
  • Finalizing the project schedule and clarifying communication channels.
  • Determining the frequency of regular, scheduled maintenance for installed equipment, both during and after the warranty period.
  • Ensuring safe working conditions during the implementation, site handover, which is also necessary during operation.
  • Determining the redundancy levels of power supply and cooling systems, considering the required availability parameters.
  • Providing user training for staff, understanding the supervisory system’s messages, knowing how to report issues, and handing over the appropriate documentation and records.
  • Training of staff to use the system, understanding the messages of the monitoring system, how to report faults and how to provide the appropriate documentation and protocols.

The preparation for implementation begins during the planning phase. With our extensive experience, we can effectively assist in ensuring that scalable, flexible, monitorable, and maintainable systems are implemented at your site, serving critical infrastructures for longer than the average lifespan.

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