STULZ Micro Data Center

All-in-one solutions for IT systems - from the office to the data center

The all-in-one STULZ Micro DC is a rack-mounted server room that includes all the necessary server systems, such as power supply, cooling, physical security, fire protection, monitoring and remote supervision. The integrated unit undergoes extensive testing at the STULZ factory before being ready for plug-and-play installation on-site. As a result, there is no need to create small server rooms separated from offices, where immediate challenges arise in terms of fire safety, physical protection, or the stable operation of power and cooling systems.

Key benefits

  • Factory-integrated and tested global standard design
  • Maximum efficiency through high-quality components and holistic design concepts
  • “Plug & play” easy installation

Key features

  • Configurable standard options: digital display, UPS, PDU, security, environmental monitoring, remote supervision, cooling options such as CW, DX, glycol economizer, liquid chip cooling
  • 42U 19″ standard rack available in 600mm and 800mm widths

The most important technical specifications

  • Cooling capacity P-series (kW): 4 – 11
  • Cooling capacity C-series (kW): 4 – 20

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