Stulz solutions

Our company uses the finest products from various manufacturers for the construction and operation of server rooms. One of our most important partners is Stulz GmbH, which is globally recognized for its high-quality and innovative climate control solutions. Our collaboration with Stulz allows us to offer our clients the most reliable and efficient climate control systems.

Stulz GmbH is a German company founded in 1947. Since then, the company has become a leading supplier of precision cooling and air conditioning solutions, particularly in the field of server rooms and data centers. Stulz products are known and recognized worldwide for their excellent quality, reliability, and innovative technological solutions.

History and development of Stulz

Stulz GmbH was founded by Karl Stulz in Hamburg, Germany. Initially, the company focused on manufacturing radio components, but over the years, it gradually shifted to developing air conditioning and precision cooling solutions. In the 1970s, the company introduced its first precision air conditioning units, which became highly popular in data centers and server rooms. Since then, Stulz has continuously expanded its product range and introduced new innovative solutions to the market.

Stulz – excellent products and solutions

Stulz offers a wide range of products and solutions, including precision cooling systems, equipment for cooling data centers, chilled water systems, and modular cooling solutions. Below, we detail some of their most commonly used products:

CyberAir: CyberAir precision air conditioning units are among their most popular product lines, specifically designed for data centers and server rooms. These units are highly energy-efficient and reliable, ensuring stable temperature and humidity.

CyberCool: The CyberCool series of liquid chillers are excellent for cooling high-performance data centers. These systems are highly efficient and available in various configurations to meet specific needs.

Modular Cooling Solutions: Stulz’s modular cooling solutions allow for the creation of flexible and scalable cooling systems that can easily adapt to changing demands and expanding data centers.

Benefits of Collaboration
Our collaboration with Stulz GmbH brings numerous advantages to our clients. By using Stulz products, we ensure the highest level of reliability and efficiency in server room climate control. Additionally, Stulz’s innovative solutions enable us to offer our clients the latest technological advancements, ensuring their competitiveness and the uninterrupted operation of their systems.

Our company is dedicated to providing our clients with the best climatization solutions. Through our collaboration with Stulz GmbH, we guarantee the highest quality products and services. Stulz’s history, innovations, and excellent products ensure that our clients always receive the best. Choose us and experience the quality and reliability of Stulz!

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